Tasso manufactures continuous cast iron bars in grey iron and ductile iron in a variety of shapes and dimensions. See examples of industries where continuous cast iron bars are applicable.

Tasso has more than 50 years of expertise in production of cast iron bars by the horizontal continuous casting process.
The profiles are available in round, square and rectangular shapes in a variety of dimensions. Tasso cast iron bars are manufactured in grey cast iron (GJL) and nodular cast iron (GJS, also known as SG, ductile or spheroidal graphite cast iron).



The process of continuous casting results in a fine-grained, dense microstructure of the bars and top quality surface finish. These properties result in a number of advantages in durability, performance and cost saving: 
  • Uniform structure free from shrinkage, gasholes, sand and other tool-wearing inclusions
  • Excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance
  • Damping of mechanical vibrations
  • High level of machinability that allows precision machining


Applicability of continuous cast iron

Tasso cast iron bars are ideal for manufacturing of hydraulic and pump components.
Tasso cast iron bars can also be used for production of items like pulleys for V-belts, gear wheels, rings, flanges, covers, valve linings, glass moulds, die-casting moulds, patterns, core boxes and bushings.
Tasso cast iron bars are available in a variety of grades which makes it possible for you to choose the optimal matrix and mechanical properties for your final product.

Tasso standard material grade range

Tasso cast iron bar standard grades includes:
Grey iron:
EN-GJL-150C black 110-180 110-80 - ferritic
EN-GJL-200C green 140-210 155-115 - ferritic/pearlitic
EN-GJL-250C red 170-240 195-155 - pearlitic/ferritic
EN-GJL-300C yellow 200-270 220-185 - pearlitic
Nodular iron:
EN-GJS-400-15C yellow & red 120-180 400-370 15-11 ferritic
EN-GJS-400-18C-LT  red & 2 yellow 120-180 400-360 18-12 ferritic
EN-GJS-450-10C yellow, red & blue  150-230 450-420 10-5 ferritic/pearlitic
EN-GJS-500-7C yellow & blue 150-230 500-420 7-5 ferritic/pearlitic
EN-GJS-500-14C 2 yellow & blue 170-215 500-470 14-10 ferritic
EN-GJS-600-3C yellow & white
600-550 3-1 pearlitic/ferritic
EN-GJS-700-2C yellow & black 210-305 700-650 2-1 pearlitic

For further information about material grade characteristics, visit the "Materials & grades" section in the left menu.

Special grades are available upon request.

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